15 Reasons to hire a business consultant


15 reasons to hire a business consultant in the Arizona area.

If you have considered hiring a management consultant to help you grow your business there is now better time than now.  During summer in the Phoenix area business often slows while school is out, families vacation and just about everyone attempts to get out of the heat.  This is a great time to take a step back, look at your business through a new lens and find some help to get you to the next level.  Below are 15 reasons a great management consultant can support your vision for your organization.


  1. Accounting – Every business has financial needs and most of us are not trained in accounting. To have someone help create systems to help you monitor spending, track profits and manage conversions is 100% necessary. If you cannot produce your monthly or quarterly financial statements in a timely manner without stressing you out you cannot effectively determine how to grow your business.
  2. Advertising – How are clients finding you?  Do you know what your competitors are doing?  Are you diving customers a reason to work with your business or just hoping they find you?  What makes you special and how do you share that message as cost effectively as possible?
  3. Auditing – Auditing your existing contracts, vendor agreements and other major cost drivers in your business can save you money.  Professionals provide a new perspective to help you identify cost savings you may be overlooking every month or on every deal..
  4. Business development – Hire a business consultant to help increase your profitability.  You may know your business best, however a good management consultant will increase your profit far more than his/her cost.
  5. Business writing – Communication is critical both inside and outside your organization and many successful business people have trouble or are just not comfortable when it comes to writing a report or communicating with customers. Have a consultant teach you how to write properly, leverage templates and use systems to ensure everyone is getting your message loud and clear.
  6. Career counseling – If you are a victims of a corporate downsizing, tired of not pursuing your passion or just confused about your next steps a consultant can provide you the guidance and direction necessary to get clear on where you are headed. A consultant with HR expertise helps guide their clients within their profession or leapfrog to a job that will help them be more happy and productive.  We can also help you with your employees so they have the same job satisfaction and are loyal to your organization.
  7. Editorial services – Whether producing newsletters or creating annual reports, consultants are often experts in the saying things correctly.  Getting it right right the first time will be appreciated by all your readers.
  8. Executive search/headhunting – The landscape for recruiting is changing rapidly.  Firms that specialize in recruiting often charge 30$% of the first year’s salary to find someone.  A good consultant has relationships in this market and can help you leverage technology and/or partnerships to find the best employees for your open positions to help your business grow.
  9. Human resources (HR) – As long as businesses have people problems (and they always will) a management consultant with experience solving people problems in will enjoy a never-ending supply of clients, especially those that have held off on hiring an in-house HR professional. HR prevention programs often include teaching employees to get along with others, mandatory discrimination training, mutual respect and even violence prevention in the workplace.
  10. Insurance – If you are not fully covered you should get some help with your insurance needs immediately.  Hiring a business coach to help them find the best plan and pricing through their network or trusted insurance professionals.
  11. IT consulting: From software to hardware, websites to customer relationship management (CRM) tools and everything in between a consultant with IT experience that speaks both business and technical language is worth their weight in gold.  With a little direction and support you can stop messing with technology and  focus on meeting your clients’ demands!
  12. Marketing: Without successful marketing your business cannot continue to grow.  Do you know your options or what it cost to convert a new customer?  If you are not sure or if you are paying too much an independent consultation could get you on track.
  13. Payroll management – Everyone needs to get paid. A business consultant can help by using their knowledge and expertise in payroll management to locate the best service provider or systems to ensure your company is managing this cost while complying with the employee, legal and business needs.
  14. Project management – In addition to running your business there are a constant projects that need your attentions.  New technologies, product launches, employee training, strategic planning and other priorities often slip through the cracks because you are focused on sales or client delivery.  A consultant can help you run project efficiently getting the results you expect.
  15. Public relations (PR)- Getting good press coverage for any organization is a real art.  It takes experience learning what works and what doesn’t to get your business name known.  The right coach can help determine the right channels and the correct time for PR.


There are many ways a consulting professional can help you grow, fix or start your business.  No matter where you are in your company lifecycle reach out and get the support you need to take things to the next level.  


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